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RSMA Endowment Fund

A fundamental role of the RSMA is to support the RSM constituent departments (Earth Science & Engineering and Material Science Engineering) and its students. Students are under increasing financial pressure these days which restrict their ability to participate in academic related activities such as field trips or college approved expeditions. Endowments provide funds for both extra-curricular academic activities, particularly those that increase student links with industry and their chances of gaining sector leading employment upon graduation, and also complement the long established work of the RSMA Trust in helping to provide financial support for students undergoing genuine hardship.

RSMA Endowment Fund

The Trust also financially assists the Royal School of Mines Students Union (RSMU) in managing student activities which support the RSM culture and help its students build a friendship network that will last throughout their careers (as many of us will appreciate and relate to).

Any support you give is for your RSM and funds will only be disbursed to worthy causes within the RSM, after approval by the RSMA committee. The RSMA has no overheads and the committee give freely of their time. All funds received through subscriptions and donations are therefore available for disbursement as appropriate. Note the RSMA does not receive any funding from Imperial College and thus relies on members generosity to fund its objectives.

A new initiative of the committee is the RSMA 100 Club , see below, which will allow the RSMA to expand its activities and award annually “RSMA Scholarships” to deserving students who would be selected in conjunction with the RSM Heads of Department and their staff.

In addition to current donations, legacy donations making the RSMA Trust a beneficiary of your will, no matter what the sum, will assist in achieving RSMA’s goals, and (for UK domiciled members) to mitigate inheritance tax.

RSMA 100 Club

The proposal is for one hundred (or more) members to make a pledge (non binding) to each donate £200 per annum into the Trust for 10 years. This would guarantee an additional income of up to £25000 after Gift Aid, and would allow the RSMA committee to increase its efforts and expand its largesse to award “RSMA bursaries or scholarships" or sponsor college approved field trips etc. This should help to raise the profile of the RSMA amongst the students.

If you are able to donate to the RSMA and are eligable for gift aid, please do fill in our gift aid form and send it back to us at, so we can increase the value of your kind donation to us.


To make a donation to the RSMA endowment fund or to join the 100 Club (and please consider this) either set up a standing order or make a single payment using your online banking::

Pay HSBC Bank plc:

Account name: RSMA Trust
Account number: 80204544
Sort code: 40-11-60
Our Trust account address is:

8-12 Queen Victoria Street

Please use your name and/or College ID number (CID) as the payment reference number. If you don't know what your CID is, then please contact college directly. This information is not crucial though, your name will do.

For further information and / or to inform us of your donation, please use our email form below:

Write to: RSMA (Entries with * are optional)
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