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RSMA Union

What the RSMU says... Over 150 years of community, history and achievement have shaped the RSMU - the Royal School of Mines Union - which comprises the departments of Earth Science and Materials at Imperial College London. The RSM is a world renowned institute, with a deservedly high reputation in Geology, Geophysics, Materials, Petroleum, and a pre-eminence recognised worldwide both in academia, and in industry.

Today, the RSM no longer academically represents its students. The RSM is both the building in which the departments are housed, and it is the student body that organises social events, sports teams, clubs and societies for students within those departments.

Perhaps suprisingly for some, the RSM has a constitution, written in very formal terms that states the RSM exists for:

The furthering of the interests of the members and the status of the RSM; The promotion of sport within the RSM; The promotion of interest in all aspects of geology and materials science; The promotion of social intercourse among its members. These are achieved through sports teams, our unique societies and our countless events which span the academic year from October to July.

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