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RSMA Committee - who's who!

Tim Cotton - President

I have recently joined the RSMA after returning back to the UK after almost 20 years of living overseas whilst working in the mining industry. After I graduated with an M.Eng (Hons) in Mining Engineering with Rock Mechanics in 1993 I joined Rio Tinto and spent my time in a variety of technical and operational roles at mine sites all over the world. Like Paul I first got involved with the RSMA when I was RSMU President in 1991 and it showed me how important the link between the past students and current students is to maintaining the spirit of RSM. My favourite memory of my student days is pretty much the whole 4 years I was there. I met my wife during this time, won the Bottle Match twice and became part of a global mining community.
Tim Cotton
Elly Jay
Elly Jay - Senior Vice President (Materials: 2004-08, MEng and 2008-12, PhD DIC)

I am currently the Junior Vice President of the RSMA. My current activities involve boosting the RSMA's reach both via our web-presence and on 'land', whilst also being involved in our social calendar. During my Undergraduate degree I held the positions of Materials President, RSM Hon-Sec, Balls Officer and Regalia officer. Favourite memory from my student days: Beating the boys at a pint boat race, standing on the bar chanting Chigagos, whilst also learning I can do a 4s pint... what a party trick!
Hannah Bungey - MSci Geology (2008-2012)- Honorary Secretary

As a recent graduate, I'm very fortunate to be on the committee and have the opportunity to stay so closely engaged with the great work of the RSMA. During my undergraduate degree I was Hon Sec of the RSMU and DLB, and a keen hockey player. I currently work in the city as a business analyst for an investment bank, but the RSM and geology remain a passion! It's lovely to have such a strong sense of community and lasting connections to the staff and students of the RSM.
My best memory would have to be those nights in the union bar, where every face was a friend, and spirits were always so high! Especially those nights with the Bottle passed round and yards a plenty!
Hannah Bungey
Davd Bishop
David Bishop - Honorary Treasurer

I went to RSM in 1967 without a clue about the mining industry or where it would lead. I studied Metallurgy till 1970; though the ‘study’ was heavily biased to the last few weeks. After graduating I went to Zambia (where I worked alongside our esteemed President for a couple of years), then as a design engineer with major engineering contractors before joining Rio Tinto in 1985. Working for and managing an in-house technical consultancy took me to many countries and introduced me to a huge number of friends. Despite bumping in to RSMAs in all corners of the business, I was a bit slow to realise that the foundation for it all had been those years in South Kensington, and on retirement I joined the executive of RSMA to encourage students and leavers to use in its network. Many happy memories of undergraduate life; getting to know new friends, changing slowly from a shy geeky schoolboy to a shy geeky graduate, learning to balance fun with the serious stuff, and doing silly things after slightly too much alcohol – but there were no security cameras in those days and you don’t need to know details.
John P. Sykes (MSci Geology 2002-2006) - International Vice President

I studied geology at the Royal School of Mines between 2002 and 2006 and was President of the RSM Union in 2004-5. I still fondly remember the Bottle Match weekends touring down to Cornwall and many cold, rainy field trips around the UK. Now based in sunny Perth, Australia, I am International Vice President of the RSM Association, focused on connecting international alumni, facilitating international events and building our global social media presence. I am also involved with the RSMA's 1851 Club, which hopes to raise funds to support industry focused extra-curricular activities for the RSM's undergraduates. In Perth, I am studying a PhD in copper mine project development at the Centre for Exploration Targeting, and run my own consultancy, Greenfields Research, which specialises in the analysis of exploration and mine project development trends. You can find me at the Celtic Club on the first Friday of every month, along with WA's other RSM alumni.
John Sykes
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill

After graduating with an MSci in geology in 2009 I took up a sabbatical role as Deputy President of ICU. Since then I've worked for Standard Bank Plc in the Global Mining and Metals advisory team based in London. Favourite memory from my student days: Downing the yard in pink knickers standing on top of the old RSM bar.
Paul Holmes

I was the Hon. Sec for the RSMA from 2003 -2012 I first got involved with the RSMA when I was RSMU President in 1992 and continue to enjoy working with Alumni and students to promote the RSMA and make the association relevant and supportive as it was when I was a student. After I graduated with and M.Eng (Hons) in Mining Engineering with Rock Mechanics in 1994 I joined the Construction Materials company Lafarge running a number of different cement works, quarries asphalt and concrete plants. I swapped over onto the commercial side of the business eventually leading to general management of an area of the UK. Since Lafarge I have worked for Tarmac, in the Industrial Services sector for Harsco Infrastructure and currently for Shanks Waste Management, delivering PFI and renewable energy projects. My favourite memory of my student days is RSM bar night with the union bar packed to the rafters and everyone enjoying the occasion.
Paul Holmes
Coen Louwarts

After returning in 2001 from 5 years working in Australia I visited the Southside Bar and was pressganged in joining the RSMA Committee, but no regrets. I have been involved with the RSMA in various functions, culminating in being a President from 2009 to 2011. It is great to see all the energy and commitment of the Committee members, who despite being in full-time work still find the time to dedicate to SM. Originating from Delft University of Technology, I was fortunate enough to study my final year in Mining Engineering at the RSM graduating in 1996. Since then I have worked for BHP Billiton in Australia, consulting roles in the construction and transport sector in London, then in 2007 joined Rio Tinto in London where I managed joint venture interests in the copper group. Currently I work as a consultant to the mining industry. Favourite memory: incoherent singing mining songs in the Union Bar on a Wednesday after playing rugby.
Rees Rawlings - Metallurgy 1964 and Dean of RSM 1995-98

I graduated from the then Metallurgy Department in 1964. Imperial full-colours rugby and half-colours athletics. Stayed on to study for a PhD and joined the staff in 1966. Was Dean RSM (1995-98), Acting Head of Department of Earth Resources Engineering (1996-98) and Pro Rector Educational Quality (1999-2007). Since 2007 I have been Emeritus Professor of Materials Science and President of Imperial College Rugby Club. Have been associated with the Journal of Materials Science in various editorial roles (1993 to date). Interests: sport, art, theatre, gardening.
John Oreily
John O'Reily BSc in Metallurgy (1966) and MSc in Mineral Process Design (1967).

Captained RSM and IC rugby XV's. Worked in Zambia, Botswana, Iran and Oman before joining Rio Tinto in 1987.Spent 5 years in Papua New Guinea, prior to returning to London as Head of Technology for Rio. Still today, many of my closest friends are those who I met at RSM,and am very proud to have experienced many opportunities and priviledges that RSM led to. Current hobbies golf and grandchildren - am improving performance with one and struggling with the other! Favourite memory? - 4 consecutive Bottle wins.
Celia Hayes – MSci Geology 2010-14

I am lucky to be a recent addition to the RSMA committee. During my undergraduate degree as a geology student I was actively involved with the RSMA as Honorary Secretary of the RSM; I also held the positions of Balls Officer and RSM Ladies Hockey Captain. Since then, I have worked with PwC on a Diversity in Mining report series and currently work for Energy consultants Douglas-Westwood in central London. Favourite Memory: Winning Bottle Match in my final year, the first time RSM ladies had won away from home in 12 years, and holding the trophies aloft with the men’s team who also won that year.
John Mon
John Mon
John Monhemius- Metallurgy (1960-to date)

I started life in the RSM as a lowly assistant lecturer in the Metallurgy Department in the mid 1960s, in the heyday of the Nuffield Research Group in Extraction Metallurgy, which was led by Professor Denys Richardson, FRS. After taking five years to complete my PhD, followed by a three-year leave of absence from Imperial to teach hydrometallurgy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, I slowly worked my way up the academic ranks, eventually becoming (the last) Dean of the RSM in 2001, the year of our 150 th Anniversary. I retired from the Deanship and full-time academia at the end of 2004. After two or three years enjoying the novelty of retirement, I staved off impending mental ossification by joining the board of Anglo Asian Mining plc, a junior gold mining company with assets in Azerbaijan, as a part-time NED. Since then, I’ve had great fun “doing it” instead of “teaching it” and have helped the company develop from a simple, small, open pit-heap leach, gold operation into a multi-mine company with heap leaching, agitation leaching and flotation facilities, producing copper concentrates, as well as 75koz of gold per year.
Leah Glass- MSci Geophysics (2002-2006)

I was lucky enough (although my liver may disagree) to have had the honour of being RSMU president in 2005-2006, whilst 'studying' for my MSci. The RSM made my time at Imperial College some of the best years of my life, during which I forged lifelong friendships with some truely amazing people. While I'm on the committee of RSMA, these days I'm working for an NGO in Madagascar, so my involvement is no where near what I would like it to be. But the passion remains and as soon as I'm back in the land of internet and communications I intend to play a larger role within the RSMA. My best memory? That's a hard one! Most are very blurry. Being the president for a 7th consecutive bottle match win and getting presented with my very own yard glass from my friends and colleagues at the end of the year are right up there. But if I have to pick one, it would probably be seeing the RSMU grow and prosper, continuing it's reputation as the best Imperial College Union, by far.
Leah Glass
Lorraine Craig
Lorraine Craig

My role is to be a liaison between the RSMA Committee and the current and former students, and staff of the Department of Earth Science and Engineering. As the Academic Tutor, I guess I get to know students (and some staff...) as well as anyone in the department. Although not an Imperial alumnus, earth science has been my way of life for a long time and mostly in the Arctic in recent years.